Community Innovation Grants

Between 2014 and 2021, Consensus Council administered Community Innovation grants within North Dakota and Native nations sharing the same geography. A partnership with the Bush Foundation, this program awarded $3,013,390 through 299 grants across our state over the course of eight years.

Community Innovation grants support communities to use problem-solving processes that lead to more effective, equitable, and sustainable solutions. As with all of our work, we were particularly interested in supporting processes that were inclusive, collaborative, and resourceful.

We also sought to fund projects poised to make a significant, sustainable impact. A key question asked: Will this project inform or inspire others?

We’re happy to report the answer is an unqualified yes! Check out the funded projects below. We hope these processes will spark innovative ideas for your own community.

Our Process

Grants were selected by a statewide review team comprised of volunteers with a variety of professional expertise and lived experiences. Our grant reviewers represented public, private, and nonprofit sectors including housing, public health, refugee assistance, law, energy, military, social work, disability rights, accounting, food systems, and rural water systems. Each review committee operated by consensus to reach agreement on funded projects.

In addition, Consensus Council and the Bush Foundation are committed to addressing racial and economic disparities. In each cycle, at least 50 percent of grants were awarded to projects seeking to actively reduce structural and/or systemic gaps in access, outcomes, opportunities, or treatment based on race/ethnicity or economic standing.

We are so thankful for the dedicated and thoughtful volunteers who made this program possible!


Current grantees: view our reporting requirements when you are ready to close your grant.

Though the North Dakota Community Innovation grant program has drawn to a close, nonprofits and governmental entities may still apply for large Community Innovation grants (above $20,000) directly from the Bush Foundation.

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