How to Apply

Community Innovation Grants

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Community Innovation grant program!


We want to make this application process as easy as possible for you to navigate – please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support you along the way. Learn more about program basics and grant timelines here. You may also find it helpful to watch the webinar video below.


If you have specific questions about eligibility or selection criteria, contact the Consensus Council Community Innovation Team at 701-224-0588 or at



Below are some helpful tools for you to review as you are preparing your application. Simply click on a resource to download.


CIG Information Packet is a printable resource that gives you an overview of the grant application process.


Application Questions are available for review anytime so you can think about your responses before submitting a proposal.


A Sample Project Budget in excel format is provided for your reference and use, if needed. If you use this budget, you will need to save it in an acceptable format for submission. NOTE: Only DOC, DOCX, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file formats are able to be submitted through the grant link below.



Here are a few very important items for you to consider:


  • Once you start the grant application, you cannot save your work and finish at a later time. The application will need to be completed and submitted.


  • We suggest you download the Application Questions document, answer the grant questions and save the document. When you are ready to submit your grant application, click on the orange button below titled Click Here to Apply For A Community Innovation Grant! and cut and paste your answers from the word document into the Grant Request Information page.


  • Download the Sample Project Budget document we’ve provided for you, or create your own, complete it, and then save it. You will need this document (or something similar) to upload at the completion of your grant application. Please clearly indicate which line items will be funded by the Consensus Council grant if your project budget includes additional sources of support.