How We Work

We Work to Achieve Consensus


We at Consensus Council believe deeply in the inherent value and promise of consensus decision making.


For anyone who embraces its open, relational process, a transformative experience of possibilities awaits — where solutions are jointly created,  relationships are strengthened,  and communities are renewed.



Consensus:  The Experience


Consensus decision making joins people and parties within a common journey


of on-point, guided conversations,


devoid of parliamentary rules or majority or minority status,


where issues are dissected and reassembled


into solutions that everyone owns and embraces,


because everyone has contributed to the creation of their shared solutions.



What Consensus Achieves


*   Consensus builds sturdy relational bridges.


*   Consensus plants deep structural roots.


*   Consensus invites and engages every voice.


*   Consensus binds people through conversation and conciliation.


*   Consensus unites communities in common cause.


*   Consensus demands commitment and yields great results.


*   Consensus takes time, whose results stand the test of time.




The Beauty of Consensus


Within consensus, every conversation is new,


every person and each idea is honored, and


every solution restores creation —


just a little bit more.



Consensus connects people as partners on a shared quest toward something meaningful.



This is one journey well worth the taking!



Consensus Defined.


Consensus is derived from the Latin: feel together. Consensus (n.):  (1) group solidarity in sentiment and belief;  (2)  a. general agreement: unanimity,  b. collective opinion.


Synonyms: agreement, general agreement, consentaneity, consensus omnium, consensus gentian, unanimity, like-mindedness, meeting or intersection or confluence of minds, total agreement, understanding, mutual understanding, concurrence, consent, general consent, common assent or consent, accord, accordance, concord, concordance, consensus of opinion, sense of the meeting, acclamation, general acclamation, unison, harmony, chorus, concert, one or single voice, one accord, general voice, vox populi.


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