International Legislators' Forum

The International Legislators’ Forum (ILF) is a nonpartisan, consensus-oriented convening of legislators from the northern plains region of North America. Legislators from across the political spectrum meet, learn, share information, explore problems, build relationships, and develop collaborative approaches and solutions on a wide variety of issues relevant to and affecting their jurisdictions. The ILF is convened and facilitated by a neutral third party, Consensus Council.

The ILF grew out of the International Flood Mitigation Initiative, a series of consultations between Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota following the 1997 Red River Basin flood. Over more than two decades, the ILF has addressed a wide variety of issues across our shared environment, from the food we grow and waterways we share to how we care for vulnerable populations, to the passages of people and goods across borders. ILF delegates’ efforts have resulted in agreements that directly and indirectly impact the policies and people living in the center of the North American continent.

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In 2023, the ILF Steering Committee approved a new Constitution to better define the Forum’s purpose, membership, and governance. The ILF is actively working toward formal representation from First Nations/Indigenous tribes sharing the same geography, in addition to current Indigenous legislators/MLAs serving as delegates on behalf of their member jurisdictions.


Legislators’ Forum


Legislators’ Forum



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