Our Approach

Connecting People. Crafting Solutions. Doing Good. One Conversation at a Time.

Embracing Life’s Root Issues


Everything that matters most involves people doing good things together:


Building partnerships,


Tearing down barriers,


Tackling difficult issues,


Constructing creative solutions, and


Restoring community promise and hope.


It’s always about People Building Community—Together.


It’s what we do.


Fulfilling Community Promise.


Consensus Council seeks a better way to support and sustain the wellbeing of communities across the Northern Great Plains.


We help people resolve problems, from the simple to the seemingly intractable.


We bring people together, building on each community’s diverse interests and points of view.


We research and analyze issues, providing a common reference for problem solving.


We facilitate intentional, guided discussions, focused on simple, accessible human conversations.


And working together, we help communities craft agreements and take actions that stand the test of time.

Honoring a Deeply Rooted Mission.


For three decades, Consensus Council has stood steadfastly true to its originating mission:


To assist leaders and citizens in building agreements on important community issues.


And through it all, we have continually rediscovered and reaffirmed what we have always known:


Seeking consensus works —in fact, it works astoundingly well!


Let consensus work for you.