Among its varied programs, The Consensus Council facilitates certain crucial community initiatives.



North Dakota Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance (NDESPA)

The Consensus Council facilitates the activities of a 30-member statewide coalition of community service providers, titled the ND Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance, a diverse coalition of stakeholders working to eliminate poverty, provide essential social supports, build assets, and secure the economic wellbeing for low- and moderate-income North Dakota citizens through service collaboration, awareness, education, and advocacy.



Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grants (CIG)

The Consensus Council provides facilitation, training, and project management support for the Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation Grants a fully funded grant program. The Bush Foundation provides approximately $400,000 in smaller grants to eligible North Dakota organizations who seek innovative program solutions. These small grants offer nonprofit organizations and units of government an opportunity to advance innovative processes that address community problems using a theory of change. These activities address a wide span of community challenges, including homelessness, quality housing, childcare, education, medical and behavioral health, immigration, job training, among other pressing community needs. The Consensus Council provides management support to the Bush Foundation, but is ineligible to apply for any innovation grants, itself.



International Legislators Forum (ILF)

The Consensus Council leads and facilitates the International Legislators Forum to cooperatively study and resolve regional and international issues of common concern between Canada and the United States, with a specific focus on the region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, Canada. The Forum has tackled an array of emergent socio-economic topics as diverse as environmental permitting and protections, trade, behavioral health, opioid addiction and treatment, sustaining sound agricultural practices, human trafficking, Native population protections, cross-cultural exchanges, governance modeling, among other topics.



Community Service Initiatives

The Consensus Council supports and facilitates the work of a wide variety of private, public, and nonprofit organizations and agencies, bringing together diverse viewpoints to seek common ground in achieving long-lasting public policy agreements and improved community services. The Council works with coalitions of community service providers, seeking improved service efficiency and effectiveness in areas as diverse as homelessness, economic security, developmental disabilities, behavioral health, and others. The Council facilitates and supports state and local agencies to better plan and evaluate direct community services, seeking resource leverage and linkages with other nonpublic–often nonprofit–service organizations.



Custom Client Services

The Consensus Council designs facilitation, support, and documentation services specifically focused to meet the unique needs of any client seeking assistance in advancing and improving its operations, structure, and management, including public and private organizations, government agencies, schools, churches, businesses, special interest associations, and more.