Reporting Requirements

Community Innovation Grants

Final Report

  • At the end of your grant period, you will be required to complete a brief reporting and evaluation questionnaire that consists of 6 simple questions as well as submission of a final grant budget.
  • Consensus Council will notify you approximately 2-4 weeks prior to when your final report is due.
  • Failure to complete the final report can result in the inability to be considered for another Community Innovation grant.
  • If your project is completed earlier than expected, you can submit your final report early, or wait for notification from the Consensus Council.
  • If unforeseen circumstances impact your original Community Innovation grant (slight changes to the goals, having to amend the budget, need more time to complete the overall project goals etc.) please notify us immediately for further discussion.

Please note:

Once you begin the final report, you cannot save it and complete it later, it must be completed and submitted. If you would like to review the final report questions prior to submission, click HERE to view the template.

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