Our Mission

We at the Consensus Council embrace and tackle the basic yet most challenging issues:


How is a better community built?


How do we bring every voice to the table?


How do we open windows to clear the air and start fresh?


How do we tear down partisan barriers to see each other in a new light?


How can we speak frankly and still reach genuine agreement?


How can we turn words into action?


How can we make every citizen an instrument for good?


How do we start?


We are the Consensus Council.  These are the issues we embrace. And these issues define our mission.



Our Mission and Passion


Consensus Council arose from an identified need to nurture and sustain the quality of communications and governance within communities and across regions on the important–and sometimes contentious–issues of the day. It is the Consensus Council’s expressed mission to facilitate this aim.


Founded three decades ago by a committed group of non-partisan government and community leaders from across North Dakota seeking a fresh, common sense means of resolving important–and sometimes contentious–issues of the day, The Consensus Council is commissioned to assist citizens and leaders reach collaborative agreements on important issues of public policy and the provision of crucial community services.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of North Dakota, Consensus Council, dedicates its resources and efforts to link grassroots citizens, regional organizations, special interest groups, businesses, government agencies, and others, to re-envision and enhance community structures and services and to craft foundational agreements that will improve the lives of all people and stand the test of time. Consensus Council facilitates this work by


*  Building connections among people;


*  Facilitating fresh, unfiltered, robust conversations;


*  Crafting creative solutions to important, challenging community issues;


*  Exploring and analyzing research-based options for group discussions and resolution;


*  Documenting and drafting agreements, plans, and toolkits that translate community resolve into policies, rules, laws, and action;


*  Monitoring and evaluating the effects of agreements and the implementation of programs against the desired aims;


*  Providing community innovation grants that offer a means of studying, experimenting, and implementing unique solutions to community challenges;


*  Standing as a dependable, committed sojourner with communities, invested in advancing the wider good of all people.



Consensus Council exists because…


Because the simple, basic, most challenging issues require care and attention.


Because we are better people when we respect each other enough to speak and listen with openness.


Because meaningful solutions require everyone’s best ideas and buy-in.


Because everyone sometimes needs a guide, a facilitator, a researcher, a recorder, a companion, and a champion.


Because the human community finds meaning, happiness, and fulfillment when it works to do good — together.



We are the Consensus Council. This is why we do what we do.


It’s that simple.