Our Mission

Consensus Council arose from an identified need to build consensus across differences, specifically in the northern plains region of North America. We convene and facilitate groups using the consensus model of decision-making, which ensures a safe space and inclusive forum where all voices are valued and heard. Civil discourse, reflective listening, strengthening relationships, building empathy, and repairing harm all are critical to our mission.


Our mission is to facilitate conversations and build agreements that empower people, transform communities, and advance the public good.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of North Dakota, Consensus Council dedicates its resources and efforts to link grassroots citizens, regional organizations, special interest groups, businesses, government agencies, and others to re-envision and enhance community services and to craft foundational agreements that will improve the lives of all people.


Consensus Council facilitates this work by


*  Building connections among people;


*  Facilitating fresh, unfiltered, robust conversations;


*  Crafting creative solutions to important, challenging community issues.